9 May 2018

the tortoise's gift [a story from zambia]

the tortoise’s gift: a story from zambia

 ‘a story from zambia’ seems a fitting title for the new chapter & adventure that awaits. 

in exactly three months’ time, we’ll be packing up these little ones (& the hammock!) & moving to lusaka, the capital city of zambia. we’ll be working with MCC - a relief, development, & peace organization (the same organization that we worked with in cambodia). 

we’re excited to go & sad to leave - excited to be taking on another role with an organization that we love & sad to be leaving a place & a community that we also love deeply. 

it’s a bit overwhelming to think of all that is coming & how much learning lays ahead, but here we are, palms open, looking forward to all that zambia – its people, its culture, its history, & its beauty has to teach us.