1 October 2016

four [ezra sparrow]

ezra interview - age 4

our sparrow is four.  

this spunky girl keeps us on our toes with her strong & yet sensitively spirited ways.  she is surprisingly independent & can spend hours alone, talking to herself, entertaining herself with daydreams & playing in the dirt/collecting rocks.  and yet, she's enamored with all things family/mama/baby related & cries the saddest tears when i sing "sweet baby james" because she knows its about a cowboy who misses his mama.  her artwork is fascinating - usually abstract, but with a detailed story to accompany it.  

she's fiercely stubborn, fiercely loving & brings us more delight than we ever could have wished for.

here are some of my favorite recent ezra quotes:

(yawning in the morning) "this isn't a tired yawn, its a wake up yawn" 

"when baby sneezes i say 'special bless you' because she's so special"

"God made some people with no arms, but no people with no heads"

"when baby selah grows up we will really miss our baby"

to both parents: "did you know, the more you get bigger the more you get fatter. I know because I see you guys a lot." 

"mama, what comes after thirty-twelve?"

"i don't want to help with diapers, i want to hold the baby because that's cuter"

ezra: "i love you around the galaxy two times, mama"
daniel: "and me?"
ezra: "one time"

"when selah was in your belly, it was hummmmmmmmongous.  your shirt couldn't cover your belly so your pants had to help it - like teamwork!"

ezra artwork collage