10 September 2013

one year [spirited sparrow]

one [ezra sparrow]

it turns out our sweet sparrow tricked us with her laid back infant demeanor!  we called her sleepy sparrow for the first 4 months of her life, because she always seemed to be sleeping.  & then we called her smiley sparrow for the next 8 months because she always seemed to be smiling wide.  & now we've taken to calling her our spirited sparrow because she is a determined & defiant little lady.  
some memories of our sparrow at the one year mark.

  • gets around by bum-scooting, never crawling
  • first word "jhat" from "chin-jhat" [khmer for "gecko"]
  • most happy when being held by mama or yay-yay [ming kohm]
  • sleeping through the night [...finally!]
  • loves bananas, oatmeal & noodles
  • makes the owl "whoo" face a lot
  • only one tooth
  • loves to grab mama's glasses whenever she has the chance
  • we often wake up to find her standing up quietly looking out the window by our bed & she loves to look over our balcony onto the street below to watch cambodian life go by
  • still known for her big, wide open smiles


Amanda Moore said...

Awwww... She is so sweet, but I can tell by that glint in her eye that you aren't joking when you call her spirited! Hope to meet her someday soon!