23 July 2013

nine months [ezra sparrow]

ezra at nine months
[ezra with her papa at her uncle ben's wedding
picture by one of my very oldest friends adam giese]

While we were busy traversing the globe & visiting loved ones, our sweet sparrow turned nine months old.  At nine months she's the perfect huggable size -  sturdy enough to squeeze, but not squirmy enough to wiggle away.  Unfortunately, she's a total mama's girl, so not many others get to enjoy her tiny hugs right now.  She's not very mobile yet, still content to sit on the floor in one place (thank you, little one!).  When she does move, its a bum scoot rather than a crawl.  She hums while she nurses & as she's falling asleep.  She doesn't seem to like baby food, but goes to town on rice, noodles, & yogurt bites.  She doesn't sleep through the night, but she smiles wide & giggles all day long to make up for it.