29 May 2013

family photos [eight years!]

A few months ago, our lovely friend Chatti from Savady Photography took these beautiful, vibrant family photos for us.  We've really loved getting to know Chatti & her TJ, who played with Daniel in the Grass Snake Union band as the guitarist/lead singer.  
They've run off to Italy to get married & we sure do miss their presence in our lives here.


When we were thinking about locations for a green photo shoot in this urban jungle, we realized that the University of Agriculture, where Daniel & I taught when we first moved to Cambodia, would be the perfect place!  
So we took shots in the crop test plots, probably the only corn field in Phnom Penh!

cambodian cornfield

When I saw the pictures, I nearly cried because Chatti did such an amazing job of capturing the sweetness of our little Cedar & Ezra Sparrow & the deep love we have for our family.

[kissed] he wears checkers

And now, the day I am finally getting to posting these, just happens to be our eighth wedding anniversary.  Thinking back to that beautiful, sunny Vancouver day, its crazy to think of all the incarnations our life together has had.  From Ft. Langley, to New York City, to Terrace in northern BC, & now to Cambodia.


We've spent more than half of our married days here, in this chaotic city where we've become a family & built a home.  I think we will treasure these pictures in the years to come - such lovely snapshots into the deep joy we're been given for this season.

family photo


adriana said...

i love love love them all!!! such beautiful pictures that capture the beauty in each of you. so happy to have shared the nyc part of you last 8 year adventure! :)

Amanda said...

Happy Anniversary!!! These photos truly capture your amazing family with so much spunk and flair! Definitely a treasure!

Shannon said...

I simply love these. What a handsome boy and beautiful girl you have- and how do you live such hip and lovely lives in Cambodia? You are amazing. Wish we could have a cup of tea and chat. p.s. ever want more visitors in Cambodia? Can we come?