20 January 2013

[cedar james at two]

cedar at two

funny bedtime prayers:
cedar: thank you, jesus, for mama, papa, oma-dahhling, opa.
amanda: and what about our baby?
cedar: thank you jesus for breakfast.

cedar at two (2)
[photos by steve chee]
  • re-enacting every fall & bump for us. "cedar fall like that" & then staying in his landing position until we see it.
  • loves holding baby ezra sparrow all by himself. "mama, let go, please!"
  • loves coloring & wants everyone to draw airplanes for him
  • learned how to jump & now does it all the time
  • had an airplane cake for his birthday & got a mr. potato head from mama & papa
  • refers to daniel's mom, always, as "oma-dahhhh-ling"
  • says the word "please" for way longer than necessary, "cedar have ____ pleeeeeeeeease?"
  • has memorized bob dylan's forever young & likes to sing it before bed [see video below!]
  • still sweet, gentle & cute as can be, but now interspersed with toddler tantrums & stubbornness


Anonymous said...

So lovely!Great kids!

Christina Lopez said...

too much! these photos are beyond amazing, and cedar is so cute singing. we can't wait to witness this guy in action!

Olivia said...

What a great update! I love the prayer and video :)

corners of my life said...

Thank goodness for blogs to entertain us with great photos and videos.

Happy Mother's Day