18 January 2013

she's a keeper [ezra at four months]

while we weren't looking someone sneakily replaced our sleepy newborn with a bright-eyed, chubby, crazy smiling four-month old.

ezra at 4 months

ezra sparrow at four months is an absolute delight.  she fills her time cooing for hours (quite loudly, actually!) every morning & has officially grown up & out of all her newborn clothes.  she spends a lot time smiling (her baby-experienced oma says she may be the smiliest baby she's ever seen) & begins every crazy-eyed, happy smile with her mouth wide open, like she's trying to swallow the whole-wide beautiful world.

ezra's crazy smiles

she adamantly refuses bottles & pacifiers, which means she can never be away from her mama too long, but she happily sucks on pinky fingers to help her fall asleep.  she still loves to be swaddled at night & shrieks like a little girl at the slightest appearance of a wet diaper.  

this month, we love her smiles, we love how content she is, & we love that she's ours for keeps.


j said...

awwww, can't wait to meet her!

Christine said...

Someone has to call Vogue and let them know of an up and coming model!

You are very blessed!

Anonymous said...

I stumbled upon your blog and loved it immediately...even more so since I have seen that Ezra and my son Colin share their birthday!
Greetings from Germany,