19 November 2012

two months [ezra sparrow]

two months

 Little Ezra is already two months old.  In some ways, it seems like she's always been with us, but in other ways we're all still learning what it means to be a family of 4 & how ezra's joining us is reshaping us into something new & different.  It's been a really great month (I love maternity leave!) hanging out with this little lady & learning more about her.

Some thoughts on our little sparrow at 2 months:

  • she has very dramatic hand movements, especially when she is sleeping.  cambodians like to joke that she is practicing to be an apsara dancer.
  • she still sleeps a LOT, but sometimes she stays awake for a bit & we get to see her big, round blue eyes
  • she's been learning how to smile & gives us huge, wide mouthed grins (a bit crazy looking, actually!) from time to time
  • she's still a long & skinny baby, but is just starting to get some cute leg rolls
  • she seems to sleep better on the go, in her sling with mama, than she does at home lying down in a quiet place. for now, its awesome! & we've been on a lot of sleepy coffee dates together. 
  • her cries often end with cute little squeaks that remind us of a dog toy!

ezra's first smiles collage


Christine said...

She is beautiful and definitely has blue eyes!