30 November 2012

just shy of two [cedar james]

22 months [cedar james]

its official, we couldn't be any more enamored with this guy than we are right now.
some memories of cedar james, just shy of two years old:
  • learning more words every day.  a snapshot of his brain learning two languages: "one more, tiet" (a combination of asking for more in english & khmer)
  • calling the new baby "eh-ha spa-wow", & greeting her (even when she's sleeping) with an energetic "HELLO baby!"
  • loves playing ball, watching seasame street videos online (especially featuring grover), putting tops on things & everything in their proper place 
  • on his own (& despite lots of correction!) has taken to calling us "amanda" & "daniel" (see video below)
  • really enjoys drinking mama's coffee, especially if there is whipped cream on it
  • most commonly heard phrases: "cedar do it!", "pick you [me] up, please", "what's baby do'in?", "whaa happened?, "cedar brush teeth, too"
  • favorite foods: rice, noodles, goldfish crackers & anything fishy tasting or shrimp flavored (basically all khmer food)
  • making us smile: "mama, cedar open mouth like turtle!" (while opening his mouth super wide after watching a friend's turtle swimming)

cedar [autumn 2012]

cedar is pretty stubborn about not talking for the camera, but we managed to get him answering a few questions here.


killabstingz said...

Speaking in the 3rd person, might he have the makings of a professional athlete???

heidi said...

Grover is my favorite too! :)

Zack said...

Wha happened! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D421N6xlisg&t=0m9s

corners of my life said...

I just can't stop watching this {over and over}. Too cute!