27 November 2012

gratitude x 1,000 [mary & jim in cambodia]

we were incredibly fortunate that my parents made the long journey to be here with us when ezra was born.  they helped us welcome ezra in bangkok, took care of cedar while we were in the hospital & did all the laundry & dishes in those bleary early newborn weeks.  then after 3 weeks in bangkok, they hopped on a plane with us & helped us settle back into our life in phnom penh.

[tie dyed shirts straight from the brockport, ny arts festival]

in the airport as they prepared to leave after 6-weeks in asia (we had time to chat- we had to arrive at the airport 5 hours early & their flight was delayed another 4 hours, due to the death of king sihanouk & the arrival of his body from china, but that's a whole other story!) we made of list of our trip highlights.  
so here it is.... the Top Five "Jim & Mary Asian Tour 2012" memories.

1) that first glimpse of daniel holding a pink blanket in the nursery (welcoming baby ezra)
2) lots of cedar time in bangkok
3) long weekend in kep
4) being "out & about" & meeting our community in phnom penh
5) a trip to prey veng province


adriana said...

loved seeing all the pictures of your parent's visit! thanks for keeping us updated on your lovely family and life...miss you!! xoxo

dilli said...

love reading about your life--you have a beautiful family and such great parents--love you all- best of life to you all.

corners of my life said...

We love you atwaba!
(around the world and back again)

Christine said...

Speaking from a grandmother's point of view,...
Traveling to Bangkok,then packing up & traveling with family in toe to Phnom Pehn and spending six weeks away from home, I'm sure was a privilege. To hold a new grandchild and play with the other is worth every minute of it.