10 October 2012

one month [ezra sparrow]

1 month (border)
[our sweet sparrow at one month]

baby ezra has had an eventful first month!  she spent two weeks in bangkok visiting with her grandparents before hopping on a plane to finally return to her nest in phnom penh.  the next two weeks were spent with more visiting with grandparents & a bit of traveling (kep & prey veng), as well as getting to meet her loving cambodian community.  she weathered the changes well....probably because she seemed to be sleeping nearly all the time.  

we likely won't have many wide-eyed pictures of our sleepy little girl from this first month, but we don't mind!  her peaceful demeanor has helped to ease our transition to a family of 4 (especially with a big brother who just discovered the full meaning of the word tantrum) & who doesn't love holding a little bundled newborn, anyway?

sleeping ezra
[picture by steve chee}
it might be short lived though- after examining ezra, our doctor told us that he thinks she is going to be a very active child.  she measured in this month at a little over 8 pounds; the perfect size for all the sweet newborn clothes we've received (& which I'm sure she won't be able to wear next month at this time).  we'll hold on tight to these lovely newborn days while we can - welcome to our family little girl, we've enjoyed getting to know you (or rather, hold you while you slept all day) this month.

1 month peace (border)
and a bonus picture - little ezra throwing the peace sign!  she's just following in the family line with a mama who works with peace projects & a big brother who also proclaimed his peace child status at an early age. 


Shannon said...

Hold on tight- the first year with baby #2 just flies by. I cannot believe how much faster time goes with two. She is just precious guys, wish we could see her in person!

SuJ'n said...

LOVE the peace sign.

Christina Lopez said...

love the middle picture, love her, and hurray for tantrums! and i agree with shannon about time flying with #2. autumn's first year felt like 3 years, and naomi's (almost) first year has felt like 3 months.