23 September 2012

held helper [ezra sparrow talstra]

ezra sparrow

miss ezra sparrow talstra
born september 10, 2012
3.3 kg [7 lbs 4 oz]
48 cm [19 in]

We chose this name for you, Ezra Sparrow, because we want you to know that from the moment you were born God's hands have been helping & holding you.

EZRA: In the bible Ezra was a prophet & a scholar.  His name means "helper" & is also short for "God is my helper". Ezra helped to gather God's people from exile & helped to lead them in rebuilding the temple wall which had been broken & destroyed.  When we call you Ezra it is a prayer that your whole life would be rooted in our Lord, your faithful helper.  And out of this rootedness, we pray that you will grow to be a helper & a healer, helping to rebuild what has been destroyed & bringing restoration where there is brokenness.

SPARROW: A line in an old gospel hymn summarizes Jesus' words & says "His eye is on the sparrow & I know he watches me" (Matthew 10).  You, little sparrow, are a picture of this promise to us.  We have felt God's hand on you even before you were born & celebrate His faithfulness in giving you life.  When we call you Sparrow it is a prayer that you would find blessed assurance & peace in the great love of our God & that that knowledge would bring you comfort for all the days of your life.

Ezra, we pray that you be a helper.  Sparrow, know that God is always with you.  
We anticipate with joy watching you grow.


Lisa said...

Dear Ezra Sparrow, welcome to the world! I echo the prayer of your parents that you would be one that God uses as a restorer-- a task that can only happen with Him surrounding you- above, below, before and behind. You are already deeply loved and cared for, and many prayers have surrounded you since before you were born!

Kris said...

Congratulations on your new beautiful baby girl!!!
XO Kris

Jeremy Schmidt said...

This is such wonderful introduction of the world to Ezra and vice-versa!

corners of my life said...

I think these things that you pray for describe Ezra Sparrow's mother, the very best role model for this little girl.