8 June 2012

koh thmei [island escape]

koh thmai

one good (is that possible?) thing about the hot season here is that is comes with lots of holidays.  after our april travels to sihanoukville & mondulkiri, we still got to celebrate the king's birthday in may with a 4-day long weekend.  so, we hopped on a bus & then some moto taxis & finally a boat with our friend lisa to check out koh thmei, an island off the coast of cambodia.   it was remote, relaxing & refreshing & went by in a flash!  before we knew it we were sailing the fishing boat through a thunder storm on our way back to meet our bus to phnom penh.  we got a bit nervous when the driver started bailing out buckets full of the rain water collecting in the boat, but all's well that end's well!


Christine said...

Such a different way of life, rich, uncomplicated and refreshing.

Cedar is growing up right before our eyes. Do you know or will you let us know ...boy or girl?

Christina Lopez said...

will your kid really just take a nap with you like that? i'm jealous. looks like another amazing time!