16 June 2012

[16 months]

16 months

cedar is running full speed ahead into toddlerhood & so far, we've really been enjoying this phase with him! he's able to walk solidly now, so we have much fewer spills & tears. he can communicate pretty well what he wants, which makes life easier for all of us. he's split pretty evenly between english & khmer vocabulary (although its very possible that he knows some khmer words that we don't recognize as words!)

 the last few months cedar has been happiest when playing with balls, looking at books, cuddling with his blanket & teddy bear, following ming kohm "yay, yay" (grandma) around the house & most of all, when playing in any sort of running water. he's started the beginnings of temper tantrums (which are nearly 100% correlated to times he has had to stop playing with running water) & seems to have learned very well how to dramatically throw himself on the ground when he doesn't want to do something/stop doing something.

most of the time, he's still our mellow & sweet little guy & (although we didn't think it was possible) even cuter, now that he has his own pair of suspenders!


Christine said...

Little Man!

Sarah said...

I cannot even put into words how adorable this photo is.... Seriously!!!