28 May 2012



2 x 7 = more love, adventures & blessing than we ever could have imagined.

6 May 2012

gratitude [o canada]

o canada

[thanks auntie jamie sue for the reminder of canadian pride, even if i've haven't been there just yet!]

3 May 2012

international workers' day

On May 1st we were privileged to join with thousands of Cambodian workers to celebrate International Workers' Day.  Interestingly, it was a holiday that originated in Chicago, but is no longer celebrated in the USA.  

The workers, from several unions in Cambodia and largely young women from the garment factories, were marching to present a petition to the government asking for the monthly minimum wage to be raised to a living wage of $131.  Yes, you read that correctly, $131 per month.  I know purchasing power parity is at play, but still that's less than my previous job in Canada paid per day.  Something about that just doesn't seem right.

I think their signs speak for themselves.

:: a decent wage for workers is the simplest form of justice::

international labor day 2012

1 May 2012

snapshots [april 2012]

  [ trying to survive our fourth hot season in cambodia. & perhaps even hoping to thrive! ]

snapshots [april 2012]