20 January 2012

[twelve months = one year]

[12 months]
[thanks jamie sue for the photo, amanda joan for the sweater, & kimmy for the bowtie]

hard to believe, but our little boy is one this month.  

in the early months of being pregnant with cedar, i spent a month studying in uganda.  while i was there i was feeling pretty sick, strangely exhausted, and overwhelmed as i looked ahead to see life in cambodia + grad school + full time work + a new baby in my future.  during our chapel one morning, the spirit of God reassured me, saying that this baby i was carrying was a gift to us & not a burden.  & those simple words were a huge encouragement to me at that time.

& as we look back on one year with this little guy, they still encourage us.  true, he's not perfect, he doesn't sleep well & we end most days exhausted since he arrived, but still, this year has not been a burden, our little son has already lived up to his name, & has been a gift.

& we could not be more grateful for our sweet cedar james.

[oh yes, & now he walks!]


Christine said...

Walking?? Oh, My!

Happy Birth-day Amanda & Daniel.
Happy day to Cedar.

corners of my life said...

A true gift indeed.

Debbie said...

He's walking!!!!!!What a big boy. . Yay for all of you as you truly enjoy and appreciate and love your little guy.What a gift you are to each other. Love to all,

j said...

awwwww! love him and love you both! you're doing a GREAT job!

adriana said...

thanks for the updates...always look forward to reading and seeing them! loved hearing your "yays" at the end of cedar's steps :) much love your way

Kimmy said...

He is darling! Happy Birthday. That is so exciting he is walking.

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

What a precious testimony...as I set here this morning seeing God's hand and words He gave me over my own son, 28 years ago, I can so relate to this testimony. We serve a faithful God.
Thanks for your work in His kingdom