21 February 2012

go.vote.share. [my asian americana & the white house tell-your-story competition]

Please GO, VOTE & SHARE.


If you've been following our work here in Cambodia, you know that Daniel has been working with Cambodian-Americans who went to the US as refugees (usually as children, or even born outside of Cambodia in refugee camps along the Thai border) and were later deported back to Cambodia.

For these returnees who were raised American, the challenge of integrating into Cambodian life is enormous & their struggle is very dear to our hearts.

The Phnom-Penh based group, Studio Revolt, created this powerful video called "My Asian Americana" to highlight the injustice & invisibility surrounding this issue. The video is a compilation of Cambodian American returnees recalling their favorite memories of life in America, from the streets of Cambodia & I promise you can't watch it without being moved by their struggle.

The video has been selected by the White House for the top-ten submissions to the "Tell Your Story Contest" contest and if they win, the creators will have the chance to go to the White House to speak about the issue of deporting refugees & perhaps, real change can occur in our policies.

Please GO (to http://www.whitehouse.gov/aapi/whats-your-story)

& VOTE (for My Asian Americana - the first video at the top left)

& SHARE (with any friends & networks who would be interested)

the deadline is March 1, 2012 - only 9 days left! 


SuJ'n said...

Very powerful video! The Wing Luke Asian Museum did an exhibit on this issue in 2010 around the PBS documentary, 'Sentenced Home'. One of our local community activists, Many Uch, lived in the threat of impending deportation until Governor Gregoire pardoned him last year.