9 January 2012

this is what injustice looks like [borei keila]

[mok phaith, 65, cries as she searches through the remains of her home which was demolished by authorities in borei keila.  photo by:heng chivoan, phnom penh post]

 on january 3rd, policemen, guards, and employees of the development company phan imex destroyed the homes of over 300 people in the heart of phnom penh. 

[bricks & debris are all that remain. photo by: mai vireak-phnom penh post]

the company plans to use the area for commercial deveoplement.

[former residents. photo by: Samrang Pring/Reuters]

read more about the eviction and the response of civil society groups here & here.


Amie said...

Living in Phnom Penh is so complicated, isn't it? On the one hand, I want the country to change and develop. I want fewer people to die of malnutrition and water-related illnesses.

But this isn't how I want it to happen. There must be a middle way. And I often wonder how we are called to live in this Kingdom of Wonder. Thanks for posting, Amanda.