10 December 2011

& so it goes. [turning 30]

Amanda's 30th Birthday Party

turns out that turning 30 isn't so bad when you get to spend the evening celebrating on a boat along the mighty mekong dancing with beautiful friend to the sounds of  phnom penh's best bluegrass band*.

& noticing a lunar eclipse during the bluegrass version of tiny dancer only makes it that much sweeter. 

* this may be a biased proclamation, but i sure get a kick out of the grass snake union band.  watch all six of them (plue one small child) playing in a tuk tuk driving around the city here with the tuk tuk sessions (one song. one take. one tuk tuk) .

** and thanks to steve chee for the beautiful moonlit photos


Christina Lopez said...

i want to hear the bluegrass version of tiny dancer! looks like an amazing birthday.