20 December 2011

[11 months]

eleven months
[braving the NY winter - who dresses this poor kid?]

 baby cedar (i've got to use that phrase as much as possible, because its close to not being applicable anymore) is growing & changing like crazy & its a real joy to be a front row observer.  at 11 months, he's not walking yet, but has become a very fast crawler & enjoys toddling around holding onto couches, chairs, tables, people's legs, whatever he can find.  he has 3 words that we can recognize and they are all khmer (cambodian) words so far.  he says the baby forms of ch'gai (dog), p'gaa (flower), k'bal (head).  he also knows the cambodian sounds for "don't do that", which sounds like eht eht.  we know he knows that one, because he often says it to himself when he is doing something he is not supposed to do - he's a mischevious one, that's for sure.

at 11 months he has 4 teeth.  we get a kick out of the top two, because his outer teeth are coming in before his middle ones, so he looks a bit like a vampire when he grins.

cedar + teeth
[vampire baby - pictures by jamie, more to come later]

he's a good eater & this month his favorites have been rice & his grandma mary's (who he visited this month, more on that later too) turkey soup.  he's still not a very good sleeper, but makes up for it by being pretty happy & charming when he's awake.  (& his momma makes up for it with lots of coffee)

when cedar was born, i thought there was nothing  cuter and more fun than the tiny baby he was.  but i was wrong.  sitting in a cafe yesterday, i saw some new parents with their newborn & realized what a difference 10 short months makes. he's so much more fun than that little guy who could only sleep & cry.  at 11 months, baby cedar is a complete delight & we couldn't be happier to be journeying with him.

cedar in ben's overalls
[bonus picture: wearing uncle ben's hand-me-downs, 30 years later]


nateshorb said...

just wait til he turns 3! i wonder when they stop getting increasingly delightful...it's gotta be coming sometime soon for us...

adriana said...

can't wait for more pictures!!

Chris and Christina said...

so cute! i love the vampire teeth!