3 December 2011

[10 months]

10 months

at 10 months, baby cedar has taken movement to the next level; he pretty much cannot stay still for longer than 1 second.  he's got crawling totally down & zips all around the house, happy to follow behind whatever adult is around at the moment.  he pulls himself up on absolutely everything & enjoys cruising around that way too.  his cutest new trick is that he's learned how to groove to a beat - current favorite albums are baby beluga, & his half-pint harmoney lullabies.  he is also the proud new owner of 2 teeth & loves playing with cell phones more than any of his toys.

cedar + cell phone

[pinkie up is really the only civilized way to eat a phone]

but his biggest accomplishment this month has been the debut of his first word.  he now proudly says "gai, gai", whenever he sees a dog or hears a bark (which, if you've ever talked to us on the phone you know is ALL the time).  it comes from the cambodian word for dog - ch'gai.  (his pronunciation is great, i just knew it was only a matter of time before his cambodian language skills began to overtake ours.  i've been trying to say that word for 3 years & still can't get it quite right!)

he's also became quite dramatic (see below).  he is not a quiet, sweet little guy anymore.  no, he is really, really LOUD (& ok, still sweet).  whether its just babbling to himself,  telling ming kohm a story, or actually trying to get our attention, this little guy has learned how to make his presence known.

10 months & very sad
 [expressing himself after he crawled so happily & quickly towards mama's camera & then wasn't allowed to play with it.]


Chris and Christina said...

thanks for the update!

adriana said...

i think i have that same exact phone! haha love the pictures and updates from you guys...little cedar is so darn cute. and you two are also. happy holidays!