9 October 2011

gratitude [elle's parcel of sweetness & light]

ever since this parcel arrived,  it seems like the phrase "thanks, my friend michelle sent it to me" has been a constant refrain around here.

elle's collage

thanks, elle, for the parcel filled to the brim with sweetness & love & for keeping our whole family attired with style & charm!


nateshorb said...

please pass on our address to her. i'm tall and thin, my wife petite, our 3 year old boy is huge for his age, our 3 month old long and lanky. we like trees and owls too. thanks in advance, elle, you're the greatest!

ericashorb said...

i'm laughing that nate already commented because i was thinking the same thing! did she get those onsies for cedar? everything is awesome! on another note, i want our families to be close-by friends instead of internet blog friends. bummer, may not happen until heaven.