29 October 2011

[9 months]

[9 months]

cedar james seems less & less like a baby by the day.  at 9 months his personality is really coming out (mischevious & jolly, i'd say).   the bottom's of his feet are no longer baby smooth & this little guy is on the move.  his recent check-up stats came in at 80th percentile for height, 30th for weight, & 90th for head size.  on paper that adds up to an odd looking baby, but luckily for cedar it adds up to continued cuteness.  

cedar's acquired some new skills this month (loyal fans, i.e. grandparents, see video here) & also added in some new stranger anxiety along the way as well.  (we're hoping thats just a phase!)  the quirky guy doesn't seem to mind cambodian strangers holding him, but has been crying at other foreigners lately.

he's been eating lots of rice & vegetables & is proud of his lone tooth.  we're happy for him to stay mostly toothless for now, because we still can't get enough of his wide, toothless grins!

toothless grin

we'd like to hit pause for awhile, because we can't really get enough of this sweet little 9-month old.

*photos by our great friend & wonderful photographer steve chee


Christine said...

What a cute video. (I peeked!)
I love to see how much Cedar has developed. Yes, push the pause button.

SuJ'n said...

Sooo.... adorable....

Thanks for the great updates and photos, Amanda!

Christina Lopez said...

yay, finally a family picture with all three of your lovely faces! i've been waiting for this!

elle + josh said...

what a gorgeous family! i love that photo of you three!

Shannon said...

I LOVE the part of him sweeping- soooo cute! It just gets better and better. Silas is so chatty now and jumping, running...so fun!

heidi said...

That's a beautiful family picture!