31 October 2011

snapshots [october 2011]


29 October 2011

[9 months]

[9 months]

cedar james seems less & less like a baby by the day.  at 9 months his personality is really coming out (mischevious & jolly, i'd say).   the bottom's of his feet are no longer baby smooth & this little guy is on the move.  his recent check-up stats came in at 80th percentile for height, 30th for weight, & 90th for head size.  on paper that adds up to an odd looking baby, but luckily for cedar it adds up to continued cuteness.  

cedar's acquired some new skills this month (loyal fans, i.e. grandparents, see video here) & also added in some new stranger anxiety along the way as well.  (we're hoping thats just a phase!)  the quirky guy doesn't seem to mind cambodian strangers holding him, but has been crying at other foreigners lately.

he's been eating lots of rice & vegetables & is proud of his lone tooth.  we're happy for him to stay mostly toothless for now, because we still can't get enough of his wide, toothless grins!

toothless grin

we'd like to hit pause for awhile, because we can't really get enough of this sweet little 9-month old.

*photos by our great friend & wonderful photographer steve chee

21 October 2011

reunion in a russian tourist trap [phuket]

the hastings family reunion really kicked into full swing when we all (blaine, lindsay, daniel, cedar & i) met up with our brother ben & his girlfriend lindsay in bangkok.  we had found a great deal on a trip to phuket, so we headed to the beach!


we had NO idea what we were getting into.  i think i thought that phuket would be like our beloved kep, but just bigger & with more hotels.  

not even close.  

phuket was tourist-filled beyond anything we'd seen in southeast asia.  despite the tourist trap vibe, we had a good time relaxing at our hotel (which turned out to be completely full of russians, even the menu & signs were in russian!) & taking a really amazing boat trip out to phi phi island.  turns out phuket is popular for a reason; its beaches & islands are fantastically bright & beautiful & even a boat full of feisty russians couldn't ruin that.    

19 October 2011

& I'll meet you at the station [night train from laos]

cedar + sophia

[my favorite train photo - cedar & his buddy sophia]

our travels with blaine & lindsay took us on an overnight train from vientiane, laos to bangkok, thailand with our entire MCC team.
it was 12-hours, but we actually really enjoyed it!

train from laos

our seats had fold down tables where we could eat & play games & after that they folded down into bunk beds! when it got dark a nice train worker came & made up our beds with sheets & blankets & we all snuggled up for a night of sleeping to the soothing sounds of the rolling train.

9 October 2011

gratitude [elle's parcel of sweetness & light]

ever since this parcel arrived,  it seems like the phrase "thanks, my friend michelle sent it to me" has been a constant refrain around here.

elle's collage

thanks, elle, for the parcel filled to the brim with sweetness & love & for keeping our whole family attired with style & charm!

6 October 2011

snapshots [september 2011]

snapshots [september 2011]

4 October 2011

seasons [3]

turns out mohawks run in the family.