12 September 2011

worry & peace

Peace I Leave with You

we start our monthly mcc team meetings with a short devotion time.  this month was my turn to lead & i prepared to share about worry & peace & how even when we're not lying awake at night worrying about big things (like really bad things happening to people we love, plane crashes, economic collapses, etc) there are so many small worries, stresses, anxieties that can steal the joy & meaning of the present (fear of not getting everything done in a day that we need to, of not pleasing others, of not making the right decision, etc).

but in the moment, as we all rushed into the office on monday morning with a bustle of printing agendas, wrapping up language studying, & organizing our presentations for the meeting, it seemed like the right time to stop talking about relinquishing worry & accepting the peace of Christ & a time to sit in the silence & actually pray, reflect & receive it.   a few quiet minutes before a staff meeting was too short a time, but hey, you gotta start somewhere.


corners of my life said...

We must be "on the same page". My next post {9/15} is about worrying. Thanks for the inspiration.

Christine said...

You are your mother's daughter!
(both blogging about worry)