15 September 2011

laos [luscious & lovely luang prabong]

its hard to know where to begin when describing our trip to laos.  it was such a beautiful, lush, welcoming country & we loved our time there. 

descending into laos
[daniel & baby cedar checking out our descent into laos]

from siem reap, blaine, lindsay, daniel, cedar & i took a flight that dropped us off in northern laos, in a town called luang prabang.  we were en route to an mcc regional retreat so we joined up with several mcc friends there.

pagoda laos
[laotian temple buddhas]

luang prabang is officially one of my favorite place ever (perhaps vying with ubud in bali for tops). the whole town is a unesco heritage site & with good reason.  the town is a great mix of charming, vibrant, & exotic all set along the picturesque banks of the mekong & lush mountain valleys.  highlights included a trip to a waterfall, a boatride on the mekong, great times with friends & family, & the really delicious laotion food.  (its much spicier than cambodian food, which was a fun change.)


*pictures by a combination of hastings, talstras, & fowlers

a note to travellors: don't be tempted by the $1 street food buffet, even after 3 years of living in cambodia, it knocked both daniel & i out with gusto!


Christina Lopez said...

it looks like an amzing place! love the picture of daniel smiling at cedar.