21 September 2011

[8 months]

[8 months]
[8 months & the old man grin is back!]

baby cedar continues to grow & change at breakneck speed & we actually can't believe he is 8 months old already.  this is the month he became truly mobile & now alternates between scootching, crawling & wiggling his way through his days.  his new nickname is "cedar the curious cat" because he wants to look & touch & explore everything & everyone.  gone are the days of chilling calmly on a blanket, this little baby is on the move.  thankfully we have a bit more energy to chase after him these days now that he's gone back to sleeping through the night - hooray!

in some ways, it seems like baby cedar has always been with us & in other ways it seems we're just now realizing that baby cedar is always with us - we're not just babysitting, soon to return to our normal life. this smiley little guy & all the changes he's brought with him (most notably the lack of sleep & the realization that our schedules are no longer just about us) are here to stay!


Anonymous said...

the little man looks so cute!!

Uncle Seth

Christine said...

He has grown! Great smile. It makes me smile.
Keep up the great job of parenting. It shows.