16 July 2011

a visit from christopher

2011 is shaping up to be another good year for visitors!

 in july daniel's roommate from university, chris, happened to land a short contract here, so we got to host him for nearly two weeks. 

chris rae + cedar
 its was a good visit, fun to reminisce about the past, but also fun to hear more about chris' globetrotting & swap perspectives on our shared work in the humanitarian sector. we also managed to squeeze in some tasty squid & amok curry eating, some spirit house hunting & a raw silk purchase or two.

chris rae + daniel

we're hopeful that this is just the beginning of chris' work in asia & we're holding him to his promise that the next time he's in cambodia, he'll bring his other half too! [we missed you, elizabeth!]


Liz said...

Aw - these pictures make my day. I so wish that I'd been there, too! We can't wait to host you three in our neck of the woods one day, and I hope I'll be able to tag along for the next Asian adventure!