26 June 2011

kampot music festival

daniel has recently started playing fiddle in a bluegrass band here in phnom penh.

Somebody touched me

 its been a lot of fun for him & has given us some really fun oppurtunities to travel around cambodia & meet a new crowd of people (his band mates are spanish, irish, australian & american).  in june they played at the kampot music festival, so cedar & i tagged along.  kampot is a really lovely riverside town about 4 hours from phnom penh & we enjoyed hanging out there for a weekend at Les Manguiers (the mango fields) along the riverbank.

we got to enjoy some of the music, but with our little early riser with us, we never stayed up past 10:30pm to see the late night bands.  turns out that music festivals with a baby is a whole different ballgame!

kampot music festival


Amanda Dawn said...

I love the pic of Cedar in the bucket!!! Too cute!!!

Chris and Christina said...

looks like a lot of fun, even with the early nights. cedar has a carseat now?

Anonymous said...

uhh...is cedar standing in your toilet flushing water bucket.