18 May 2011

jamers [visit home part 4]

jamie + amanda

another treat during my trip home was the day i spent with my very dear friend jamie.  jamie & i met when we were freshmen in high school & have been the best of friends ever since.  we've been through a lot together & i was so excited to introduce cedar to his auntie jamie.  jamie is a really amazing photographer (see her stuff here) & took some beautiful photos of cedar, but we also managed to get some good ones of the two of us as well. 

jamie collage

after our photo shoot, we headed off for a day of treats & target!  we took cedar along so he could experience his first strarbucks & panara bread.  as you can see, he was thrilled.  


Christine said...

A little T & T time is always fun.

Yes, she does take great pictures.

corners of my life said...

Old friends truely are treasures to cherish.

j said...

i wish we could do treats & target every day, *sigh* but i'm SO VERY glad that it worked out to connect however briefly! :D