20 August 2011

[7 months]

[7 months]

at seven months, baby cedar is getting more fun by the day.  we keep saying to ourselves, "he's so much more like a real boy now".  it was a busy month for cedar - he hung out with two sets of uncles & aunties & slept in eight different beds (including a train sleeper car!) as he traveled around to laos, thailand & siem reap (twice!). he also rode on six buses, five airplanes & sailed on three different boats (one on the mekong, one on a laotian resivour, & one in the gulf of thailand)

but more on the adventures later....

this month cedar's been experimenting with making noises & funny faces, eating real food, & spending most of his time practicing his new sitting, standing & scootching skills, being tossed around by his dad & grinning at ming kohm.

old man grin
he debuted an utterly fabulous old-man-grin which he flashed like crazy for two weeks & then promptly stopped all together.  it was great while it lasted.

sitting standing cedar
[displaying his new standing/sitting skills]

he still hates the thought of going to sleep by himself in his own bed & as you might imagine, two weeks of backpacking around se asia with his parents & aunts & uncles didn't help much.  but now that we are home,  our sleep training resolve has been strengthened & we'll keep working on that one.  here's to hoping that the next update will tell a tale of a happily-sleeping-through-the-night-baby & his well rested parents!

19 August 2011

gratitude [chris & liz]

thanks liz & chris
[thanks liz & chris for the awesome bath duckie & handmade bean bags!]

cedar with bean bag

15 August 2011

benjamin & lindsay in cambodia

after our mini-family reunion in thailand, ben & lindsay came back with us for a week of fun in cambodia.  they had just finished a trip to wild india & crazy phuket, so we did lots of relaxing on the porch, but also some fun cambodian sight-seeing too.

ben & lindsay at angkor wat
[ben & lindsay exploring angkor wat]

[they fit right in]

siem reap
[touristing in siem reap complete with fish feet massage, coconuts & cambodian mojitos]

apsara dancers
[apsara dancers]

silk farm
[learning how silk is made] 

lindsay + ben + cedar smiles

[besides all the touring baby cedar spent a lot of time enjoying his aunt & uncle & smiling ]

it was a quick & full visit & we're already looking forward to our next visit!

13 August 2011

gratitude [mike & marty]

thank you aunt marty
thanks aunt marty & uncle mike for the cutest homemade booties!