23 July 2011

[6 months]

[6 months]
[6 months]

well, we blinked & another month flew by.  at 6 months baby cedar is still quite the charmer, spending most of his time smiling, kicking his feet, taking baths to stay cool & looking around for friends to give him some attention (not usually a problem for a very white, red-headed baby living in cambodia).  he still does not like going to sleep at night & likes to make sure that all our neighbors can hear his sleep protests as well. (our "sleep training" attempts prompted my landlord to ask me why foreigners like to make their babies cry!)

[6 months]

this month was a month of many firsts for baby c. including - his first ride in a stroller (don't tell him pink is for girls!), his first food, his first belly laughs (seen here) & the introduction of a new, closed-mouth-yet-still-wide grin.  
he makes us so very happy!


Meg said...

He is so precious, Amanda and Daniel. He gives Abigail a run for her money in the cuteness department. ;) Thanks for sharing so many pictures and anecdotes.

Debbie said...

What a face. . and what a laugh. . We love to see six month updates of this bouncing baby boy. He is so darn cute. Love to all of you, Debbie and Dave

daphne said...

is it possible that cedar has the most adorable smile...ever?

Christina Lopez said...

happy half-birthday, baby cedar! hopefully that comment from a neighbour made you laugh rather than cry...hang in there with the (not)sleeping!