31 July 2011

snapshots [july 2011]

july snapshots

30 July 2011

& all your 2,000 parts

& all your 2,000 parts. *

& all your 2,000 parts

* copyright lever 2,000

28 July 2011

seasons [2]

seasons [2]

23 July 2011

[6 months]

[6 months]
[6 months]

well, we blinked & another month flew by.  at 6 months baby cedar is still quite the charmer, spending most of his time smiling, kicking his feet, taking baths to stay cool & looking around for friends to give him some attention (not usually a problem for a very white, red-headed baby living in cambodia).  he still does not like going to sleep at night & likes to make sure that all our neighbors can hear his sleep protests as well. (our "sleep training" attempts prompted my landlord to ask me why foreigners like to make their babies cry!)

[6 months]

this month was a month of many firsts for baby c. including - his first ride in a stroller (don't tell him pink is for girls!), his first food, his first belly laughs (seen here) & the introduction of a new, closed-mouth-yet-still-wide grin.  
he makes us so very happy!

20 July 2011

gratitude [duck, duck, moose]

[thanks auntie lindsay & uncle blaine for the colorado moose-themed onesie!]

16 July 2011

a visit from christopher

2011 is shaping up to be another good year for visitors!

 in july daniel's roommate from university, chris, happened to land a short contract here, so we got to host him for nearly two weeks. 

chris rae + cedar
 its was a good visit, fun to reminisce about the past, but also fun to hear more about chris' globetrotting & swap perspectives on our shared work in the humanitarian sector. we also managed to squeeze in some tasty squid & amok curry eating, some spirit house hunting & a raw silk purchase or two.

chris rae + daniel

we're hopeful that this is just the beginning of chris' work in asia & we're holding him to his promise that the next time he's in cambodia, he'll bring his other half too! [we missed you, elizabeth!]

15 July 2011

gratitude [owl + onesie]

owl + onesie

[thanks suj'n for the coolest onesie & the gieses for the cute owl toy]