15 June 2011

love & war & the sea in-between

our dear friends, michelle & josh garrels have just released this beautiful album & in a generous jubilee celebration are giving it away absolutely free!

love & war & the sea in-between
(click on the album image to head to josh's website for the free download - starting june 15th)

its called love & war & the sea in-between and [amanda's short review] its one of the most deeply hopeful, beautiful & spiritual albums i've heard in a long time. it's been the soundtrack to our lives the past little while the rainy season rolled in, baby cedar learned to roll over & we continue to process how to live here & what it means to be in the midst of an entire population that is grappling with the aftermath of real war & the concepts of love in a post-conflict context & what solidarity & hope means for that sea in-between.
my favorite songs are white owl, flood waters, farther along, and bread & wine.

now, daniel's longer review:

Good things, good things are all that can be said about this album, which I'm choosing to refer to as studio-folk. Its a perfect marriage of fully-utilized yet tactfully employed production value with Josh's now classic golden vocals and ice-on-the-river-melting-in-spring harmonies. I guess an interesting thing about this album is how such a diverse range of musical influences is pulled together into an album that definitely works as a continuous single unit. And at 18 tracks, that's no easy feat. I might venture to say that some of the best clarinet work I've ever heard appears on this album. (I'll elaborate. On "a far off hope"there's this repeating two note ascending half step clarinet phrase, or maybe its an alto sax or something, that just hangs there over this hip-hop rhythm. Its the third note that its withholding that really completes the phrase, and in its absence makes the whole track really rock). This sort of fun is found all over the album.

There's depth to this album that makes repeated listens particularly rewarding. It is to the ears what a nice dark bread is to the stomach. Lets say it gives you what you might expect, but does it very, very well.