8 May 2011

akuun preh-a ung [visit home]

last month the combination of my graduate school graduation, an ailing grandpa, a delta voucher & a good priced ticket meant that baby cedar & i made a last minute trip home. last minute as in i bought the ticket on monday & then flew halfway around the world on thursday! clicking "purchase" was exhilarating & then terrifying & i spent one nearly sleepless night fretting about making such a long-haul by myself with a three month old. what was i thinking?

but the next day, when i told ming kohm, our wonderful house helper & nanny, that i had bought the ticket, the first thing she said was akuun preh-a ung, which translates as "thank you, Lord".

cedar + ming kohm
[ming kohm]

not "thats crazy!" or "how will you travel alone with a baby?" or even "thats so much money!" (even though the ticket was more money than most cambodians make in five months). just a simple akuun preh-a ung.

& i took those words to heart.

i decided to recognize the whole trip for what it was - a precious gift - a cause for gratitude, not guilt or fear. akuun preh-a ung became my motto for this last minute trip & it turned out to be such a blessing in every way.

baby cedar was a totally amazing traveler, so smiley & hardly even crying throughout our 36 hour journey home & back (seriously, the seems like a minor miracle!). we got to have a number of lovely visits with dear friends & family, (on such short notice!), most especially with my grandpa. i got to celebrate my graduation with my family & classmates who traveled from so far. & we got to enjoy resting in being home in the comfort & the cold for a few joy-filled weeks.

akuun preh-a ung, indeed.

the trip was so wonderful that i think each segment deserves its own post. i'll begin with the fun of introducing cedar to my hometown in new york & to his friends & family there.

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[reunited with grandma & grandpa & introduced to cool spring weather]

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[mother's day lunch at java junction]

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[meeting uncle seth!] . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .[getting cozy with great aunt tracy]

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[cedar's first WoW - wine on wednesdays]

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[watching my brother seth's final tennis match of his college career]

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[a tropical fish out of water]

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[baby cedar enjoying his first taste of pajamas with feet, sweaters & fun american baby toys]


Christine said...

The picture with Cedar and your dad is priceless.
I know your mother was beeming the whole time you two were there. I can see it in her eyes.

And as for your nanny, she may not be wealthy but she is very wise.

adriana said...

yay! i love when you have no blog posts for me to look at :) looking forward to more updates on your time at home. love the WOW outfit and the memories of when we were there for WOW....miss you.

adriana said...

i meant to say "new" blog posts. sorry. no blog posts would be very sad! :)

Shelley said...

Thank the Lord indeed!