30 May 2011

[four months]

i'm cedar

at 4 months baby cedar seems so much more like a real boy. he's bigger & much more cuddly now. he has a sweet & contented disposition, usually happy as a clam to sit or lay & play with his tag blankets or stare at a fan & flash huge smiles at anyone who gives him any attention.

big smiletree 2

he's not always happy, however. he fights sleep like a champ & is very offended by the imposition of naptimes & bedtimes. we're still working on that one.

cedar + mom

this month baby cedar left the land of his birth to visit the land of his citizenship! (more on that later, you can see a preview of our time in bellingham here) while we were home, one of my oldest & dearest friends, jamie, took these beautiful pictures. you can see more of her cedar shots here & more of her photography at backporch creative (www.backporch-creative.com)

cedar + auntie jamie
[cedar + auntie jamie]


Christine said...

What a cutie!
Glad you were here in the N.W. for the good weather.

adriana said...

i heart all the pictures of baby cedar! he is so stylish :) LOVE YOU!!

Ryan & Becky said...

Great four month update. I love the sweet pictures. Also good to know that Soren is right on target with Cedar for fighting the naptimes!! We are NOT alone!!

Sarah said...

He is just darling, Amanda! And looking more like Daddy these days. ;) Enjoy every single day!

Sarah @ Thinfluenced