24 April 2011

(re) reminded [easter 2011]

happy easter
[happy picture for a serious post]

this year easter really snuck up on me. i didn't engage fully in the preparation period of lent & woke up feeling (almost) too tired to even go to the easter morning service (our house church usually meets in the evenings & an early riser, i am not). but in the end, i am so thankful we chose to go.

although our little family is doing well personally, the past few weeks have been really hard for our communities at work, with friends here in cambodia & with loved one scattered around the globe. our spirits have been feeling heavy & heartbroken.

& so, while going to church didn't change any of the broken situations surrounding us, & i was so thankful to be (re) reminded that

this, is not the end.

all of it, & all of us are being redeemed. redeemed by the same Spirit that raised Christ, that brings life to the dead.

 the tomb was, & forever will be, empty.

& that is actually the only things that offers Solace & Hope in this broken, beautiful, & pain-filled world.

He is Risen, indeed!


daphne said...

beautifully said...cedar?