20 April 2011

dancing cedar [3 months]

baby cedar on his 3-month birthday

dancing cedar

people have said that at three months a baby's personality becomes more apparent.

well....little cedar remains largely a mystery to us, but here is what we do know about the little guy.

he likes riding in tuk tuks, sitting in his blue chair, looking at pictures in books & eating. he doesn't like being too hot, sleeping during the day (just like his dad!), or packing too many adventures into one day. he is a good traveler, he doesn't mind lots of different people holding him, but is happiest when he can see that his momma is in the room. in the past few weeks he's really learned how to cry, dramatic tears & all & can make his face turn beet red when he is upset. when that happens his face matches his hair.


GrĂ¢ce Hercyk said...

Finally caught the smile on camera!

Chris and Christina said...

happy 4th trimester, cedar! these pics would make a great flip book. autumn didn't like sleeping in the daytime either. that is tiring for everybody!