29 April 2011

conquering the mekong

we now interrupt this regularly scheduled broadcast to bring you a tale of an adventure.

four men on a quest to conquer the mekong river in a homemade bamboo raft.

[the video is a bit long, but really, what adventure isn't a bit long in the end?]


Hannah Smith said...

Pretty awesome!! Did your raft have any resale value at the end?

Debbie said...

Wow!!! What an adventure. . . Men vs. river complete with a musical score and scrolling credits!!!Once you rest up from 10,000 kicks, we look forward to the sequel. . Debbie and Dave

Christina Lopez said...

wow, that was great! did you guys just wander up to a village and ask if you could spend the night?

j said...

amazing, it's awesome that you guys take full advantage of opportunities like this!

Christine said...

What started out four guys with a dream. Then became a real with the help of 20 or so.
Great ending, dinner with the Chief.

Abel said...

" I would LOVE to do that" says ABel
"can we go to Cambodia and do that?"