25 March 2011

it takes a village.

they (or at least hilary clinton & people in africa) say that it takes a village to raise a child.

i haven't raised a child yet, but i'm pretty sure that hilary clinton & all those people in africa are right. what i do know is that i am thankful for the 'village' that helped to raise my brothers & me.

my parents have a group of dear friends who gather for WoW (wine on wednesdays). the WoWers get together weekly to share snacks & wine & their lives. together these friends have celebrated births, grieved the loss of loved ones, rejoiced in weddings, beamed at graduations, encouraged each other during the tumultuous teen-age years, supported one another during the ups & the downs, & of course, shared many (many!) bottles of wine.

this village modeled community & has always made me feel loved. & now baby cedar is lucky enough to be part of the extension of that love. even from so far away, my 'village' hosted a shoWoWer where they celebrated with my parents (with wine, of course!), made handmade onesies for baby c., & gave him a peapod, which will allow him to travel all over the world & still sleep in the same bed.

WoW gifts
thank you.


Sarah Kopf said...

That is so precious! What a great group!

And by the way, I just love Cedar's onesie... :)