16 March 2011


a friend asked me recently if baby cedar really is as calm as he looks from the pictures on our blog. the answer, most of the time, is yes. so far he seems to be an easy-going, relaxed baby, who is happy just to chill.


he's even begun greeting me for 2am feedings with big smiles.

apple smiley cedar 1

BUT no one can be happy all the time & this little baby does seem to have a bewitching hour in the early evening. the sorrows of the world just overwhelm the little guy & he is inconsolable.

cedar howls
because of his timing, he's not really a very fun dinner party date.
but we like him anyway.


Amie said...

I don't know...I'm still convinced it's Steve + I who have the unhappy impact on Cedar. :)


cris said...

If i could be guaranteed that my 3rd babe would be just like Cedar, I might go for it. We'll borrow him from you anytime...i'm sure the kids would be delighted. Just ship him on over :)

Daphne said...

i LOVE these photos!! such a fantastic one of him smiling. a total daniel smile!

Enjoy the Little Things said...

I am laugning out loud at the 2 a.m. greeting!!