25 February 2011

the littlest traveler [cedar moves to cambodia]

as he grows, we're really hoping that baby cedar takes after his folks & develops a love for travel & also, hopefully for the journey.

[leaving bangkok & cedar's "halfway home house" with oma & auntie nathania]

[chilling at the airport]

his first test was the flight to cambodia at 12 days old & we were pleasantly surprised that our little guy made the big trip without batting an eyelash. he slept the entire time!

[sleeping the flight away]

perhaps it has something to do with the fact that during his 9 months in utero the little guy spent
5 months in Cambodia
1 month in Uganda
1 month in the USA
1 month in Canada
& 1 month in Thailand!

we're so happy to have baby c. home safe & sound & welcomed with such love by his community in phnom penh.


[cedar's beautiful welcome home signs from our MCC team & home church]


Christopher Luke said...

cedar will love hearing about all his in-utero adventures when he's older! that is an impressive list of travels.

Sarah-Wife, Mother, Friend, Writer said...

Wow! A world traveler already! Love that!


Christine said...

Baby Cedar is sure loved!