12 October 2010

& what do you do?

while we were in north american this summer/fall we made a few presentations about our work in cambodia. i thought i'd post the slides here, in case you've ever wondered just what exactly it
is we do here.
Talstras in Cambodia

and while i'm at it, MCC British Columbia just came out with its Prayer Booklet for 2011. If you have a moment, you can read about the experiences of MCC workers in British Columbia, Colombia, Cambodia, El Salvador, and Zambia. (we're on page 21 & 22, click the image to download)


Christine said...

Thank you! Thank you!
Your faith, enthusiasm, compassion, generosity and marriage have shown all of us how to be more hopeful and loving.
Bless you Amanda
Bless you Daniel
Bless you baby!

Fatherseyes86 said...

You always have such great pictures. I had to check the student pictures just to see if you had any of "my" students. Blessings to you!