29 September 2010


student pizza party

for the last 2 years one of my [amanda's] primary roles has been working with graduate students at the royal university of agriculture. its been a pleasure working with the same group of 16 students [15 boys & only 1 brave girl] studying english academic & scientific writing.
last spring to celebrate the end of the classroom portion of their masters program [now they begin research + thesis writing] we celebrated with a pizza party [!]

it was a good time of spending time with the students outside of class. they surprised daniel & i by having the restaurant play "happy birthday" over the loudspeakers [it wasn't either of our birthdays...] & presented us with a special mango cake. then each student stood up & gave a small speech wishing us "successful, more beautiful, & a baby"


Amie said...

You will have to let your students know that all their wishes for you are coming true!