7 April 2010

our neighborhood [hannah visits cambodia part 1]

last month we had the really great pleasure of hosting my dear friend hannah for 3 weeks. she is a pediatrics resident in St. Louis & was able to arrange to do a rotation at the national pediatric hospital in phnom penh (more on that later).

there were so many amazing things about her visit, but one great thing is being able to look at cambodia through fresh eyes & her amazing camera lens. our neighboorhood has become routine for us, but hannah was able to capture some really great, iconic "bun tum puun" (our neighborhood's name) moments...

[goats on a pile of bricks - watching the goat try to come down was pretty hilarious - goats & bricks were sliding/falling everywhere!]

[sunset walk by the (sewage?) canal]

[some neighbors let us try fishing, although all we caught was sludge]


[this is our house. our landlord has a small store in the front & we live on the second floor of the house in the back]

[our street, in front of our house]

[rooster patrol]


Corners of My Life said...

I had never seen a picture of the outside of your house. Interesting neighborhood!

Chris and Christina said...

thanks for sharing your everyday views! what a colourful life you have gotten used to. isn't it weird how the butter melts over there? looking forward to part two.

elle + josh said...

wow. beautiful! so glad to see a bit more of the context you live in. i love your neighborhood, & totally want to be your neighbor. how fun that hannah could come for an extended stay!