21 April 2010

beach retreat to the city of ghosts [hannah visits cambodia part 2]


the day after hannah arrived i figured what better way to beat jetlag than by relaxing on a tropical island. so we hopped on a bus (with ryan & daphne too!) & ended up in kep, an old french colonial seaside town. during the civil war it was heavily bombed so the town is now littered with haunting burnt-out villas. cambodians call it "the city of ghosts".

but the town is slowly coming back to life & i am guessing that the beautiful beaches on nearby rabbit island, where we slept in simple wooden bungalows & ate delicious fresh crab, shrimp, & squid won't be an expat secret for too much longer.


Chris and Christina said...

so beautiful.

Christine said...

I have enjoyed reading and looking at "your" Cambodia.
Awesome pictures.

Corners of My Life said...

I wish I were there with you, in that tropical place . . .