28 February 2010

escape to bangkok

last month daniel's ultimate frisbee team joined a tournament in thailand, so we spent a really fun weekend enjoying the sights & sounds of bangkok (& a few fun comforts from home, like starbucks & a movie in a real theater & mcdonald's cheeseburgers!)




[an incredibly spicy & delicious thai meal at the market]

[avatar in 3D!]

[a polite asian mcdonald's greeting]


amieg said...

what a fun weekend! we will have to repeat the process in BALI!

Corners of My Life said...

You photos always tell a beautiful story. I did laugh out loud at Ronald McDonald!

ZackRock said...

You guys are so culturally insensitive. Did you ever stop to think of how offensive that is to clowns?

Krysten said...

Fantastic photos, guys! If you ever want to escape to Switzerland you have a place to stay :)