25 December 2009

bon noelle [belated cambodian christmas]

our second cambodian christmas carried on many of the happy traditions of our first & also included some new fun...

we attended a christmas eve carol service & then returned to our house with many friends for a feast of cookies & appetizers & a white elephant gift exchange. then we all dragged out of mattresses & pillows, strung mosquito nets & slept outside under the stars on our porch. 

all was calm & bright (except for the lovely smell of the sewage canal & the non-stop barking of the neighborhood dogs).

in the morning we celebrated christmas morning together with a delicious breakfast, coffee & bailey's. we rounded out the day with a traditional christmas dinner of indian food at a nearby restaurant. 

 as cambodians would say, happy merry christmas, indeed!


Corners of My Life said...

a holiday celebration with friends, what could be better than that . . .