3 December 2009

to weddings we go

last month sona, the director of women peacemakers (the local NGO amanda works with) got married, so we got the chance to attend another traditional cambodian wedding.

cambodians go all-out for weddings so we enjoyed all the extravagance (the bride & groom change outfits 7 times!), the food (daniel ate pig's ear!), & the interesting traditions (just before they cut the cake the wedding party spray the bride & groom with silly string while "happy birthday" music plays!)


amber said...

Such color!

ZackRock said...

They changed outfits seven times? What was it, a Newsboys concert? Was there a point during the vows where the groom was picked up by a hydraulic lift and rotated?

Newsboys? Anyone? Anyone?

Looks like a fun wedding!

carolincambodia said...

Sona looks so beautiful! I'm glad you got to celebrate with her.