5 December 2009

Epic [Angkor Wat]

[ode to the kingdom of wonder]

its hard to believe, but we managed to live in cambodia for more than a year without visiting the famous Angkor Wat temples. since it is the biggest sight seeing destination in the kingdom, we decided we should wait for visitors. thankfully levi & ellie arrived so we are finally able to explore these mysterious temples!

angkor wat is a sprawling, complex network of hindu temples built in the 12th century. grandeur & splendor is the pride of cambodia. (one of the first things our language teacher taught us is how to ask "have you been to angkor wat yet?")


[this picture confused our camera, but i like it]

[traditional angkorian tourists]

[a giant buddha hiding inside the hindu temples]

[don't even think about sitting on the snake railing...er, i mean, balustrade]

[the entrance to bayon temple, known for its multitude of massive & serene faces]

[massive, serene face of levi]

[nose to nose]

[traditional angkorian tourists drinking traditional coca-cola beverages & feeding thirsty traditional apsara bas-reliefs]


[temple explorers]

[ancient ruins]

the temples in the process of being re-claimed by the jungle were so amazing, i think they deserve their own post!


Sarah said...

Beautiful stuff! :-)
I have a friend from Cambodia who used to work there on the tourism board... amazing!

Ruth said...

wow...so beautfiul! glad you had buddies for your adventure....miss you!:)

Chris and Christina said...

here i can see why levi would inspire you to sing raffi:


awesome pictures! what an amazing place.

ellevi said...

oh, great pictures guys. dan we kind of feel that you and amanda were "taking up all over the place" in those pictures. hello lady, buy sum ting. where is your traditional garb at angkor.

Daphne said...

beautiful pics! can't wait to go!

thera said...


Mark said...

Ah... the feel of the smell of real money. It feels okay, and it smells okay, but the feel of the smell, that is what really gets me.